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The latest tweets from @gameofwifes. Nov 12,  · China’s Hundred-Year Marathon. In The Hundred-Year Marathon, Michael Pillsbury marshals a lot of evidence showing the Chinese government has . Community with shared future for mankind, more accurately translated as community of common destiny for mankind, is a slogan used by officials and propaganda organs of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to describe a foreign-policy goal of the People’s Republic of China. The phrase was first used by former CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao and.
Security News This Week: China Distributes Spyware at Its Border and Beyond
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Which Indian states share boundaries with China?
Which Indian states share boundaries with China?
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China and India are the two neighbouring countries in Asia. Also, the Tibet Autonomous region of China touched border with India. We also know that there are some disputes between both the states related to the boundaries. The details of BOPs are as follows:.

The State-wise length of the borders is as under:. Let us tell you that the border is not fully demarcated and the process of clarifying and confirming the Line of Actual Control is in progress. This area has thick habitation and high altitude terrain which have resulted in inadequate development of infrastructure in these regions. Which States of India share boundaries with Pakistan?

The summer capital is Srinagar and the winter capital is Jammu. Area is square miles , square km and population according to census is 12,, Literacy rate is The majority of people of Jammu and Kashmir practised subsistence agriculture of diverse kinds on terraced slopes, each crop are adapted to local conditions.

Rice, staple crop is planted in May and harvested in late September. Corn, millet, pulses, cotton, rice and tobacco are summer crops. Wheat and barley are chief spring crops. Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its small-scale and cottage industries like carpet weaving, silks, shawls, basketry, pottery, copper, silverware, walnut wood etc. Source: www. It lies in the extreme north eastern part of the country and constitutes mountainous area.

The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar. Its area is 32, square miles 83, square km and the population according to Census is 1,, More than half of the population of Arunachal Pradesh are engaged in Agriculture.

Uttarakhand Uttaranchal is located in the Northwestern part of the country. The capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun. Let us tell you that on 9 November, the state of Uttaranchal was carved out from Uttar Pradesh and it changed the name to Uttarakhand in January Its area is 20, square miles 53, square km. The population according to census is 10,, The average literacy rate of Uttarakhand is The climate of Uttarakhand is temperate.

The average literacy rate of Uttarakhand census is Uttarakhand is also known as Land of Lords or Devabhumi due to plenty of pilgrimage centres and Hindu temples.

Sikkim is located in the Northeastern part of the country, in the eastern Himalayas. The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok. Its area is 2, square miles 7, square km. Its population according to Census is , Sikkim state is also known for its biodiversity. It has Khangchendzonga National Park. Himachal Pradesh is a region of scenic beauty as it consists of lofty snow-clad mountains, deep gorges, thickly forested valleys, large lakes, terraced fields and cascading streams.

Himachal means “snowy slopes” and Pradesh means “state”. The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. On 25 January, , Himachal Pradesh became a state of India. Its Area is 21, square miles 55, square km. According to Census, the population of Himachal Pradesh is 6,, State Animal is Snow Leopard. State Bird is Western Tragopan.

State flower is Pink Rhododendron and State tree is Deodar. These are the Indian states that share boundaries with China. Which States of India share boundaries with Bangladesh? List of Indian States on International Boundaries. Are you worried or stressed? Click here for Expert Advice. Which Indian states share boundaries with China? As we know that India share boundaries with 7 countries that is there are 7 neighbouring countries of India.

From east to west countries are Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Afghanistan only official claim, not on actual grounds and Pakistan.

Out of these 7 countries let us study about those Indian states that share boundaries with China. Related Categories Indian Geography. Post Comment.

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