Dvd decrypter dvd shrink.DVD Shrink Guide – How to Use DVD Shrink to Copy DVDs


Dvd decrypter dvd shrink


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Apr 15,  · Part 2: DVD Shirnk alternative to copy DVD with ease DVD Shrink is a free DVD copy software designed to back up DVD to computer’s hard drive or create ISO image files for burning later. DVD Shrink can compress the usual 8GB dual-layer DVDs . DVD Decrypter file mirror. The original unofficial DVD Decrypter mirror since June 7th, As you may know, was shut down and development on it halted. I decided to make a simple, easy to remember mirror for the final release of DVD Decrypter. If you are not aware of DVD Decrypter, head over to Wikipedia. DVD Shrink copies the DVD as file, while Handbrake lets you choose from a number of file formats. Other alternatives to DVD Shrink include MakeMKV (for DVDs and BluRay), bitRipper (to backup as AVI files), AnyDVD (to remove RPG Region code), 8/10().


Dvd decrypter dvd shrink.DVD Shrink Tutorial – How to Use DVD Shrink to Backup DVDs

Jan 11,  · Dvd players skip over, but it will trip up dvd shrink, decryptor and most other programs. It is an easy work around. In essense, you deselect those “bad” cells when ripping, reformat the directory automatically with IFO edit and then rencode to ISO. I prefer DVD shrink set at no compression to reencode, but I guess you could use other ones as well. Apr 15,  · Part 2: DVD Shirnk alternative to copy DVD with ease DVD Shrink is a free DVD copy software designed to back up DVD to computer’s hard drive or create ISO image files for burning later. DVD Shrink can compress the usual 8GB dual-layer DVDs . Jun 21,  · DVD Shrink is a Windows DVD decrypter that can rip DVD to digital files without losing video quality. You can make a full disc backup straightforwardly. The built-in decryption algorithm is useful. Sadly, DVD Shrink has not been updated since Operating System: Windows.
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If you already have an AfterDawn. Have been using Shrink 3. Recently installed it on a Win7 laptop. Some DVDs it will not accept. Gives message that file is encrypted. I use this program to backup my DVD collection. I love the quality of the video and sound. Still a piece of crap software. How anybody can live with the quality that it delivers is beyond me. One of the best, original DVD duplicating softwares.

I dont know why people are saying this program is installing the Babylon search bar. DVD Shrink v3. I have a copy of this software that Ive been using for year and it does not install any search bar. Someone has modified the version available here. I have used this program before and love it. I am not real crazy about it loading a tool bar or search bar. This program does exactly what its intended to achieve, and with good quality! Thank You! The new version installs Babylon search on your internet browsers even if you tell it no.

Then it is a major pain in the XXX to get rid of it. Installing something on your computer is the lowest thing that a company can do. DVDShrink delivers horrible quality after todays standards and are pretty much only for the people that have no clue as to what they are doin when it comes to shrinking. I would give it -stars but that not possible so had to give it a single one. If people dont know how to work the more advanced programs they should use CloneDVD atleast thats still being updated once and a while.

I have been using this software for years. It is easy, effective and produces a high quality file for burning to DVD. My friends cannot tell the difference between my backed up movies and the originals.

I have used this since it first came out many years ago. I think it should be the standard to which all others should be compared to. The ease of use far exceeds any other yet it does not sacrifice any quality. With DVD shrink I managed to doit in less the 10 min.

Thank you!!! Thank You I hope this is what Im looking for Ron. It is trully magnificent and it is free too! Ill urge everybody to use it and donate to the people who have worked for it!

Well done and, thanks. Good gear,works well. Im wondering if the paid version is any better? Sometimes, I would have to use an updated version of the Tool Tray program called Fox. Ive been using this program forever. Its definitely a staple in the ripping world. Good to know it still has use for others.

Why improve on the best ripping software there is?? I would give it six stars if i could.. This may be good if you live in the US but the program complained it couldnt work unless I changed the region of my DVD drive to region 1 – which of course I am not prepared to do! Crashed my machine! Don’t mess with it unless you really are a geeky person. I’ve been using DVD shrink for 3 years. I continue to marvel at it’s ability to perform without update for that period of time.

This is by far the most stable and reliable copy program I’ve ever used. DVD Shrink is by far the most consistent, and when backed by anydvd it works like a dream. Ripping DVDs with shrink without an up-to-date decoder will result in failures. DVDShrink on its own will shrink but not decript. If you use Microsoft windows Media Player to view your ripped movies then you will get unpredictable playback. If for example a vob is copied to HD and renamed as an mpg then foreign language playback often happens also.

Why go later or stuff with anything else? The reason people are still using this program is because it was made so well to begin with!

Since I started using it with ImgBurn I haven’t had a single problem. Big thanks to the person who added that feature! Even after all of these years, with introductions to other newer software, I still mostly use DVD Shrink for all of my movie editing and backups.

Wish they would come back and update it though. I have been using dvd shring for years and backed up hundreds of dvds. Its a piece of magic. Still the best out there for me. Set it up to auto burn with IMG Burn.

I have a collection of over dvds and I used this program to rip all of them to my Terabyte drive and have to re-rip half of them. I went to watch one of the movies and found out that this program ripped half of the movie in a different language and half of the other movies in the commentary!!!

This software sucks crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there were a zero for voting of this crap I would give it a huge fat zero!!!!

Why would you want to put yourself through all of the hassiles that it takes to use this out dated proggy is beyond me. If you like multiple program ripping use BD or DVD Rebuilder with another stand alone tool it will give you the highest quality rip and still provide multiple tools to play with. What I’ve found is if you can’t go over Nero version 7 or will error when time to burn.

If you have Nero 8 or 9, you’ll have to have Shrink output to hard disk, than take those files and create a DVD video seperately with Nero. Programs like this are not being updated or supported by there creators for legal reasons.

Enjoy and appreciate what you have. Tried discs in 3 players For those interested: This program works in Ubuntu Linux Version 8. This free version of DVDFab will not shrink the program so, if the disc is larger than 4. Only issues I have with it on Vista is when it tries to play the movie after it completes the task. That part just won’t work with Vista. Some of you should research a little more before you post. Great program, If you have a movie that simply won’t shrink down far enough to fit on a 4.

Shrink and make the. Mount the. Choose the virtual drive as the new DVD to shrink, and reshrink it. Of course you will need to place the output for this file somewhere else, or rename it so there’ conflict. I’ve been using it since day one! I have used it with win2k,xp, and vista and have never experienced any issues. Especially the one’s coming out of Sony pictures. I have been using this for about a year now and have had no problems whatsoever.

I used to have it on an XP computer, but i bought a new laptop with Vista home premium and it works perfectly. Cant understand why it doesnt work for some people on vista as mine works fine?

Well worth what i paid! I have enjoyed using Dvdshrink.