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Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share. Do you know how easy it is to play a slideshow using Picasa? Just click the play button at the top of any folder or album. When you do, the contents of that folder or album will start playing full screen. Once the slideshow is playing, you have a set of controls at the bottom. What’s happening to the Picasa Web Albums Data API and the Slideshow Widget? In January , we will deprecate the Picasa Web Albums Data API and the Picasa Slideshow Widget. Apps that integrate with the API will stop working. (If you speak English, you can read our developer site.) Switch to Google Photos. With Google Photos, you can: Create.


Google picasa slideshow.Picasa Tip: Slideshows with Music – Learn Picasa and Google Photos!

Picasa allows you to burn your pictures in a CD and it creates slideshows on fullscreen. You can configure the printing options as you desire and allows you to extract the photos from your digital camera. Now, and thanks to Picasa you will have the album you desired and you will be able to see your photos anytime you want. Create a new album with the photos for the slideshow. Open the album. At the top, click Play Fullscreen Slideshow; Set your slideshow settings. To continuously play your slideshow: Click Tools >. This previous post tells you how to use the Picasa Web Albums interface to embed a slideshow, but the problem is that when you try to go to (the address for your Picasa Web Albums,) you are automatically redirected to Google + Photos. And, there is no command for embed slideshow anywhere to be found.
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Any update on this topic Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how many hours of my life were wasted trying to figure this out. WHY did they make this so difficult with their “update”?!?!? Thanks a ton!! Thank you so much. Not sure why the took that info off, really uncool. Thank you so much for this hint. I was so frustrated when the slideshow ability went away. I do hope they will think about bringing it back. Again, thanks! Thank you. This really helped.

I don’t know why this was taken away. This may be a deal breaker if it doesn’t get installed in the newer Picasa or I will change to Flicker If slideshows are available or some one else. Thanks again for the work around. Really appreciate this link, it helps a lot! Now how do I upload pictures to that album from Picasa?

It keeps uploading them to the Google Plus site where I can’t get to it. Thanks for any advice! Thanks, I wonder what purpose Google sees in frustrating people by eliminating popular functions like the code to embed a slide show. Has Google changed things again? I embedded shows into my web site and they worked at the end of , now they are again gone.

Mine still work. Althought I notice that it takes around seconds for them to start displaying now. I did like the embed function web albums, but I prefer to use slidemypics.

It can link directly to your picasa web albums! The picasa slideshow embedded in my google site works well for PC but not mobile device. Neither does the video. What do you suggest? Google slideshow uses Adobe Flash. Flash, for the most part, does not work on Mobile devices. Post a Comment. March 23, One of the great features of Picasa Web was that you could embed a Flash slideshow of your albums.

Google would even give you the code to do it. There was a button that said Embed and it would give you the code. Just cut and paste and you were done. With the migration to Google Plus Photos, this disappeared.

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