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Macbooster 7 review


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macbooster 7 download Click here to get MacBooster 8 Pro. MacBooster free download – Software reviews May 21, – But if you’re a power user looking to deep-clean your Mac, give the day trial a whirl. Mar 13,  · Macbooster 7 is a great OS X utility that allows you to simply & efficiently speed up your macs performance. It does this through multiple tools such as disk cleaners, virus protection, and other tweaks such as startup item management. Jul 10,  · After reading the reviews on MacBooster I have to concur with A Brody on this one. I find what one reviewer had to say about it most interest. He said it was all promise and delivered next to nothing. My recommendation is to avoid it. Allan. More Less. Nov 26, PM.


Macbooster 7 review.MacBooster 8 Review | Is It a Safe Mac Optimization Tool?

Jan 16,  · MacBooster 7 Latest Version Review Ikram Ullah January 16, Technology No Comments MacBooster can be an easy-to-use but strong structure utility to Author: Ikram Ullah. Nov 14,  · MacBooster 7 Review. With MacBooster 7 iObit makes yet another step in the right direction. The upgrade to version 7 follows the pattern of previous app upgrades by improving on current features, their speed and effectiveness as well as adding new functionality.9/ macbooster 7 download Click here to get MacBooster 8 Pro. MacBooster free download – Software reviews May 21, – But if you’re a power user looking to deep-clean your Mac, give the day trial a whirl.
MacBooster 8 review [Upd. 2020]
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More precisely, I purchased MacBooster a few years ago and used it ever since. I also tried its upgraded versions and now the latest version is MacBooster 8 by the time this review was last updated. It is a multiple-in-one software suite that includes a collection of smaller utilities that aim to free up disk space and protect Mac safe.

The app does not contain any malicious features that harm your computer. And yes, it is legit — designed and developed by a company called IObit. I heard from the Internet that some people call it scam or crapware, that is simply not true.

Those people are probably firm believers that Macs and macOS can take care of itself and do not need any maintenance, thus any third-party software that claims to optimize a Mac has often ended up with skepticism. I am an advocate of Apple too, and I did bear the same perception that Macs are safe. Read this Macworld article. However, I have to warn you though that if you download MacBooster from unauthorized third-party download sites other than its official website, there could be some issues because of the unethical software bundle behaviors that may endanger your Mac system.

But, it has nothing to do with MacBooster. So, as a Mac user, you should always have the habit of getting apps from the App Store or their official websites. Side note: this review has been updated for accuracy and freshness. The latest version is MacBooster 8 and the screenshots you see below will look differently. This is the part that I especially appreciate MacBooster. It finds 9. The Uninstaller feature gives me the capability to batch remove unused apps and their associated files normally I have to uninstall them one by one.

What impressed me most is the large files it finds: This is the module that you may or may not find that useful, depending on your Mac situation. Also, be careful when you remove extensions as some of them might be what you want to keep.

The app does do what it claims to, and you can save gigabytes of space by removing unneeded files. The problem, however, is that almost every feature MacBooster offers can be found elsewhere — either from the built-in Mac utilities or third-party apps that are free of charge. Free utilities like Onyx can help locate large files, and AppCleaner can uninstall apps and their associated remnants. That makes me conclude the value proposition of MacBooster is — convenience. Yes, you can spend a good amount of time downloading various apps and launching macOS system utilities to manually perform operations that MacBooster offers.

But, think about the learning curve and possible confusion, versus a single click in MacBooster. Another factor we have to consider is the price. Is MacBooster Free? No, MacBooster is not free or freeware. It does have a trial version that is free to download or use.

In other words, you are allowed to scan your Mac for potential threats or system junk and MacBooster shows you the status of your Mac with a list of issues to be fixed. However, you need to input a valid license to get full access and unlock its functions. What is MacBooster Mini? Depending on your personal preference, you may or may not like it.

How to Disable MacBooster Mini? Fortunately, getting rid of MacBooster mini is easy. First of all, launch the app. In general, all causes fall into two broad categories: software problems and hardware issues. Therefore, you would probably have to check your Mac hardware configuration. How to Uninstall MacBooster? IObit MacBooster is in a tough, competitive field against many other separate and all-in-one Mac maintenance tools.

The core value of MacBooster all comes down to convenience. So, back to the questions. Is MacBooster safe? Yes, it is. Is the app worth it or should you buy? Well, it depends. For those of you who are new to Mac or are not comfortable diving into the computer world, MacBooster is an excellent choice. Chris is a lifelong tech enthusiast with a broad range of interests including coding, data analysis, traveling, and more.

He used to work as a software programmer immersing himself in the world of codes, now he finds it more interesting talking to real people. Good job on putting them together. Lots of work, right? Keep up the great stuff. Regards len. Launch the app. I am having trouble with duplicates backup part.. Found nothing on this on the net..

Roght now I still use MAcBooster 3. Are there discounts to upgrade from 3? Table of Contents. Chris Hwang. Thanks Ryan! Yes, it did take a lot of time and effort to put together. Glad you find it useful. Regards len Reply. Thanx Reply.