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Patch 8.2.5


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Sep 20,  · Blizzard has pushed the data for the upcoming patch to the background downloader of the Application. The patch will download in the background if you have that setting enabled in your client. Currently we have no scheduled date for Patch , as Blizzard has not released a date, and the PTR builds are still on the testing phase. Sep 16,  · Blizzard has posted a preview of the upcoming feature, Party Sync, which will release with Patch The Party Sync feature allows you to play with your friends, even if your characters’ levels are very far apart. May 25,  · Patch is the second minor content patch of Battle for Azeroth, first announced at BlizzCon It was released on September 24, The patch was deployed on the Public Test Realm on August 1, Worgen and Goblin Character Model Updates.


Patch 8.2.5.Patch PTR Build – Wowhead News

Aug 20,  · Every bit patch phase, meaning and , should have had at least two Allied Races with how important they are in the expansion. Having new races is a big thing, and if they are saved for a minor patch, they should be saved for , and not (assuming there are just 2 more due).Author: Perculia. Sep 17,  · Fangraal and Kronus now cost 3, Artifact Fragments (was ). Fangraal and Kronus now deal increased damage and have a new a melee cleave ability. The Reinforcement count has been reduced to (was ). Front Line Fortitude now increases health to all melee players and NPCs within the Road of Glory by % (was 30%).Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. A new build is currently being deployed on the PTR servers. This is the first Release Candidate build, which means we are getting close to a release date! Patch was also available for background download earlier today. Blizzard hasn’t given a launch date for , Author: Perculia.
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Great feature but did they say anything about if it works in raids? If not maybe the oder LFRs? This comment in the preview stood out. Seriously disheartening for keeping playing atm. Party Sync will become available when the upcoming 8. Next few months? They need to make Gnomebliteration available for replaying. I swear, they should have made that a daily back when Cata first came out. I used to loop Katamari music while doing that quest. Heyy, this is good. I mean if I run a dungeon with a low level friend, at least I know I have to do something and not just press button 1 and 2, then GG.

Forcing syncs to always be max level for the relevant expansion makes this largely worthless. I’m not really reliving the thrill of questing with my friends when I’m blowing through quests slightly slower than if I was Probably giving them room to finish it. That could be next week or end of the year. I’m not too worried by the “next few months” part. I don’t see them releasing it on the anniversary as they generally like to draw out content and 8. Not to mention, 8. So we’re probably getting it in October at the latest.

All of those quests will be scaled to your level though. So a level 62 doing a quest will have roughly the same difficulty as a level The level 80 just has one more talent and some extra abilities. I agree. This doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean I guess it lets you do the quest with them, but you will be way overpowered helping your level 20 friend.

Why would anyone be bothered? It makes sense. Hell FF14 WoW’s main competitor at the moment does the same thing. The only real nagging question is what happens with DK’s and DH’s.

Your Quest Log is full Stupid quest log limit is outdated and should be removed from World of Warcraft before featuring this “party Sync” feature. No clarification on DHs and DKs? Guess we’ll just disappear disqualify I’m going to guess that the level scaling down works like for timewalking, which affects everyone.

Remember, Blizz made ALL leveling zones scale last expac? Everyone was happy they could skip Outland and go straight to Northrend? This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Live PTR. Classic TBC. PTR Patch 8. Blizzard Playing with friends when your characters are different levels is now easier than ever with Party Sync. Quests can be replayed for rewards once a day. While most quests can be replayed, there are some exceptions.

These are determined on a case-by-case basis, and may include quests like the Demon Hunter starting zone quests, or quests where you might choose to betray the Warchief how could you! Sync to Their LevelWith Party Sync, you can choose to have your level temporarily adjusted, making it so higher-level players can quest and experience outdoor content with lower-level friends as they level up.

Accept the sync request to join your friends on their adventure! Levels will be scaled down to the cap of the expansion content your lowest-level party member qualifies for. As an example, if your lowest-level player is level 83 your level will be scaled down to level This keeps the focus on helping lower-level party members.

Unlike in Timewalking, when your level is scaled through Party Sync, you will temporarily lose access to abilities and powers such as Azerite Traits and spells, abilities, talents, and trinket effects with requirements that exceed your reduced level. Click Start Party Sync in the lower-right hand corner. Have all partied players click Accept on the Party Sync confirmation dialogue box.

Once all players have accepted, quest status will be synced and levels will become adjusted so you can play together! Accept them as normal and quest together, but remember that Replay Quests are temporary and go away when the Party Sync ends. Additionally, some quests can become deactivated if your group no longer meets the requirements. The RAF panel also lists special activities available to players who participate in the program.

Complete these in-game challenges with your recruits to earn even more rewards. Go Forth with FriendsParty Sync will become available when the upcoming 8. Connect with Wowhead. Previous Post ».