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12 rows · PunkBuster Supported Games Server Client; America’s Army Proving Grounds: v . PunkBuster provides players with a real-time kernel-based protection system featuring both permanent and dynamic scanning of the multiplayer systems using generic detection or ted Reading Time: 5 mins. Oct 20,  · PunkBuster is the engine used by many games (including Battlefield 4) to detect players who are using anything to improve their in-game performance illegally. However, PunkBuster can sometimes backfire and cause all sorts of problems even for users who aren’t using any ted Reading Time: 9 mins.


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Mar 22,  · PunkBuster Services is a computer program that is available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows. Developed by Even Balance Inc., the program is designed to help prevent cheating in online multi-player games and it has been widely used in many popular games, including some Battlefield series, Call of Duty games and so ted Reading Time: 3 mins. PunkBuster UDP Console (pbucon) PBUCON is a PunkBuster Server facility that allows server admins to obtain a remote UDP based console with a running PunkBuster Server version or higher. Admins can use PBUCON to stream PB logging and optionally issue remote commands and optionally (for some games) stream normal game server logging. Punkbuster has 2 services running in the background in order to check your PC for hacks or 3rd party programs influencing the game.
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Quite a few games run the PunkBuster services, you can find a full list on their homepage. Here are just a few EA titles:. You are not required to use PunkBuster.

However, without it you cannot join any server that runs PunkBuster Services. Some servers do not use PunkBuster services, but the lack of anti-cheat software can definitely degrade your gaming experience.

Even Balance, Inc. Working with game developers, they have created a tool to help identify cheaters in-game and remove them. Any server that runs PunkBuster enforces PunkBuster bans because no one wants to play with a cheater. While PunkBuster is designed to update itself, there can be an error and manually updating via PBSetup is recommended.

Occasionally, you may receive various errors regarding PunkBuster Services not running. Some other software programs such as virus scanners, firewalls and Internet security software packages are suspicious of any new services and kernel drivers when they are first released. Until these various packages are updated to correctly identify PnkBstrA. Make sure PnkBstr.

EXE from Even Balance. As with any uninstallation procedures, make sure to restart your PC to finalize any system changes. Help us improve EA Help! Take Survey No, Thanks. Saturday, June 15, Use this guide to learn how to install or update PunkBuster, and troubleshoot your issues in EA games. Was this article helpful?