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Stubborn Trojan Killer APK is an Android software that lets you locate and uninstall any possibly harmful apps. It functions in a clear manner: simply tap the screen to initiate the review and wait a few seconds for it to end. To effectively use Stubborn Trojan Killer, you must first ensure that your computer is . Ghost Push Trojan Killer Pro. Ghost Push Trojan Killer Pro is a small application for windows computer which allows you to remove Trojan and Virus from any Android Smartphone or Tablet in a single click only. It also comes with the feature of Auto Kill the Virus and Trojans, Manually Kill the Virus or Trojan, ADB Cleaning, Listing all the files. Dec 15,  · Trojan Killer Portable was available as a giveaway on December 15, ! Download trial Trojan Killer Portable Today Giveaway of the Day. $


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Stubborn Trojan Killer is an app that helps you find and delete any potentially dangerous apps installed on your Android. The way it works is simple: just tap the screen to start the analysis and wait a few seconds for it to finish. In order to use Stubborn Trojan Killer correctly, you need to . May 01,  · Stubborn Trojan Killer is a powerful antivirus app that can get rid of stubborn trojans that can’t be deleted by other common antivirus apps. Stubborn trojans like Ghost Push, Roonik, and Hummer infect the phone ROM and cause great damage to the system, such as downloading viruses without permission, opening your phone data automatically, and /5(K). Trojan Killer Portable Crack Cinema 4d greebler serial key replacement. is a great tool that can automatically remove viruses, bots, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, scareware and rootkits, without the need to manually edit system files or the Windows additional, Trojan Killer Portable fixes system modifications that were introduced by the malware and which are often ignored by.
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Never miss all the cool giveaways: get notifications in your browser! Click here to get notifications about new giveaways in your browser. An ultimate anti-malware solution with awesome features that leaves no chance for any cyber threats is now portable. Fast, effective, and reliable. It is quick, reliable and efficient. Is not an antivirus, but much better and more effective! Defeat viruses within a few clicks instead of long-lasting and really boring manual procedures and get the help of security experts whenever you need it.

Wherever you are, we are always ready to help you with your PC troubles. I installed it on my PC and also followed the instructions to download it onto a jump drive. I clicked the tab that said “Fix PC”. I then put my jump drive into my laptop and it did an install from the jump drive.

I ran the scan. The scan found a bunch of stuff related to the Edge browser, However, this time when I clicked the “Fix PC” tab, it asked me for my registration key. So, I went back over to my desktop, retrieved the code and carefully entered it. I got a message saying the key was invalid. I tried a few more times and got the same message. I then contacted the manufacturer and told them of my issue.

I received an e-mail with a “ticket number” but have yet to hear back from them. Due to many false positives and uncertainties I posted fair comment and a question that appears to have been deleted. Given similar findings relating to this and an earlier Giveaway version – plus a number of negative online reviews, I am glad to have rid my computer of Trojan Killer.

Uninstalled then reinstalled and it works! By mistake the first time, I the page for registering and getting the free 6month key! Downloaded and installed easily.

Using “Standard Scan”, it scanned 57, files over , on my computer in 5 minutes using 37 detection types and found 55 problems. Problem 1: The window is not resizable. I could not read the full problem , so I exported it to a log file to read it. Problem 2: I don’t know how to interpret the problems. Why are the following examples a problem? Actually, I would want to know much more about what the program does and how it does it before I would purchase it.

Especially, I will not delete anything unless I know what the problem is. Well, so much for that. Getting popup boxes that state the “Connection is down or busy.

Please try again later. Check your internet connection settings or try again later. This is the first program I’ve ever had a problem with from here, so I’m Guess I’ll try again in a little while, maybe their activation servers are having problems It also creates a start menu link, adds entries into the local PCs registry, as well as creating an “uninstall” entry in Programs and Features Add or Remove Programs.

Not sure how any of this stuff makes this software “portable”. Claims that it can’t contact them and that I need to check my internet connection.

Thanks anyway, but useless in its present state. I downloaded this to my Windows computer and it installed with no problem. Told it to run a full scan. Part way through it froze the whole computer. Had to do hard reboot. Ran a clean up program, then ran Trojan Killer without anything else running, in case having a browser open had caused the previous problem. Came back a while later and screen was black, computer unresponsive.

Had to do a hard reboot again. Uninstalled Trojan Killer. If you think I’m pulling your leg, do the same experiment and post your results. I’m little skeptical that Trojan killer like this really removes anything from your computer, because all the known Trojans are always morphing, hide under the operating system files with exactly same names, but slightly different spelling and in different sub-folders with same name as your OS or in different names that first must be detected from a known d-base at the developer’s side and do regular updates of such Trojans in your software.

What happens between the updates it is a gray area and an unknown, Trojans can live and do the damage to your computer. The best thing is to have virtual system running all the times, when such computer is switched off, everything is return to the previous state and nothing is loaded secretly into your files.

Task manage had to be used. Uninstalled with prejudice! Hmmm thought this was supposed to be a portable program? Yet the setup. So claims portable but is fully installed but is allegedly USB thumb drive friendly if you manually copy to a USB stick after fully installing it. TK, You have the opportunity to install it to a stick when it is installing by just browsing to it during the “default” install to C:.

I had no problem telling to install on my small stick drive and that is where I ran it from. The only thing I did allow it to do was to install a desktop icon to run it from the stick whenever I want. Bob, the problem with that bodge which you can do with most any program that does not claim to be portable in the name too is that you still get the uninstall entry in the Program and Features window of Windows as well as an folder in the Start Menu too without even giving it permission to install a desktop shortcut to a USB thumb drive that may not always be there It’s not a portable distribution and that is a fact.

On my production desktop it found nearly trojans. Upon inspection of the file names they are mostly probable ALL false positives.

Like links to an exe that I know is harmless. It found the gnumerics installer a very good freeware spreadsheet to be a trojan: very hard to believe.

Also all portables I made with Cameyo are flagged as trojans. A Giveaway from is also flagged. I cannot recommend it. Installed fine on win 7 pro x Very pleasant interface. Fast Cons:. Took forever to update virus listings, on first use, even over a 70Mb broadband connection Though it says it is essentially a “portable version” it defaults its installation to the PC and then suggests to run install again for a usb if portability is desired Annoying rules: though no registration KEY is required as stated in the.

What’s going on? Is this a free portable edition for “life” without upgrades or support, of course or not? Why use confusing words? Not complaining, just giving some feedback on what I saw upon successful installation. The software reports many false positives. Everything from “The Windows Sysinternals troubleshooting Utilities” among many others.

I uninstalled it, because I don’t want something that “erases” what it shouldn’t. Be very careful. This is a very dangerous utility.

I just installed it and ran a scan and fix without going through the deletion list carefully. If you don’t have any of the listed here, maybe it is good for you. Or check the list before hitting the CurePC button. Good luck to you and I will remove it now. I installed it and ran it and it found items, and then told me I had to buy a license. What did I miss? The program window is an unresizable x pixels – did the programmers phone it in Oh well At this point in anti-everything programs such as Gridinsoft Trojan Killer, I need them to tell me more, such as “this is adware in the fact that The usual criticisms apply – no control over program window size, no right-click on items to get information and go there, and so on, same same for so many other programs from programmers who seem to ignore everything we tell them about what we want.

Before I start with this, does it ask me what I think of the scans? It also has the facility to reset your browsers back to original settings too. Installed flawlessly. Takes a few minutes to run but I have a ton of things on my puter. Just make sure you read carefully what you delete.