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Tunngle is a P2P VPN tool that allows gamers to comfortably play their LAN games over the Internet..Tunngle for Windows – Download


Tunngle was a valuable p2p VPN tool to several online gamers. With Tunngle, you could play online games with other gamers, irrespective of your location. Unfortunately, Tunngle was shut down in due to the European General Data Protection Regulation. Tunngle (Smooth it out!) Titan – Extra large. Today is the day we release Tunngle Titan. This new version includes a lot of fixes for all the issues that the Community kindly reported. Thanks to all the forum members that helped with testing! Download Tunngle v click here: is a p2p VPN tool which offers online gami.


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Tunngle is a peer-to-peer VPN networking solution for LAN gamers. It basically allows you to play a local area network game over the Internet by mimicking a local network via a virtual private network. Unlike Hamachi servers, Tunngle offers a few extra features for better performance. Tunngle is a revolutionary p2p VPN tool that delivers the best online entertainment experience. Tunngle is specifically designed to allow PC gamers all over the world to comfortably play their. Tunngle is lightweight and easy to use, simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Tunngle application is free to download and offers easy-to-install, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable Games applications. Tunngle is a very fast, small, compact and innovative Demo Games for Windows PC.

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With Tunngle, you could play online games with other gamers, irrespective of your location. As a Tunngle user, you need an alternative and to help you, I have listed the 10 best ones below.

This VPN is owned by Famatech — a renowned company in remote control and network management. Since its launch in , it has recorded over 4 million users. It was developed primarily for office and other corporate uses, but like Tunngle, it can be used for gaming.

As an excellent Tunngle alternative, its VPN tunnel is secured with encryption and is very fast, up to Mbps. To get support with Radmin VPN, you have to fill in and submit a contact form. With this service, you can create and manage VPN networks on demand and control everything from a centralized location.

It allows 3 types of networking; mesh networking, virtual gateway networking, and hub-and-spoke virtual networking. Furthermore, this tool supports unattended access. That way, you can operate it in the background when networked computers are unattended and still gain access. Hamachi is a Tunngle alternative I would recommend for security conscious gamers. It uses AESbit encryption, and since it is managed from a centralized location, you can monitor all on-going activities and know when an event occurs.

Hamachi is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. This gives it an edge over Tunngle that is compatible with only Windows PCs. Support is offered via multiple channels. First is the support center with helpful articles to get you started using the tool and then the online user community.

The website also features a blog, and you can reach their support team via Facebook and Twitter. Despite being a premium VPN, Hamachi pricing plans are not very expensive. However, you cannot run unattended access with the free plan. Its p2p tool was developed primarily for online games, just like Tunngle. GameRanger Technologies launched it in , and it is available for free.

As of , the platform already recorded more than 6 million users. With GameRanger, you can manage your online gaming messages, friend list, profiles, competitors, and more. This implies that you can play online games with others and also chat and communicate with them. There are over games and demos available to play with GameRanger. GameRanger was first launched for Mac PCs.

Using this tool is simple. Once your account is activated, you can start inviting friends to play online games; all you need is their gaming email address. You can either host or join gameplay. For help, you can reach their support team by submitting a support ticket. The platform also features a community with discussion forums to get help from other users, an FAQ page, and a Getting Started page.

For the record, Play Together is not affiliated with the game mod. However, Tunngle did also host users on both public and private servers. So, it is also a disadvantage for Play Together as some users would love to play on public servers with random players.

There are so many regions you can play in, but only available ones at that moment will be listed. Your co-player or opponent must also be connected on the Play Together network. If other players are requesting for instances, you might be placed in a queue for a few seconds.

Play Together is free to use just like Tunngle, but you can donate to keep the platform running on Patreon. Freelan is an open-source p2p VPN client. It supports any type of network topology, including complex hybrid peer-to-peer decentralized graph and classical client-server schema. Thankfully, it allows you to create a private network to connect with friends for online gaming, just like Tunngle.

Unlike Tunngle, Freelan has no GUI, which is one of its downsides; it runs only in the background transparently. As an open source VPN client, you can control how it works by adjusting the source code and interface to your preference. Freelan supports more computers than Tunngle.

Also, Freelan works seamlessly with all Windows versions, from Vista to Windows 10, and on both bit and bit editions. The same goes for Linux, but for Mac, it supports version As a Freelan user, you can get help by sending an email to news-subscribe freelan. To make it easier, there are sample configurations for two hosts you can implement.

NetOverNet is a virtual private network that allows you to access your computers and apps from any location. All you have to do is to connect your devices to the network. It is an ideal Tunngle alternative for playing online games via your mobile phone. This is because NetOverNet supports all major device types — desktop, mobile, and desktop devices. In addition to games, you can also access other files, including documents and media files.

The tool is also easy to use. You can connect the devices manually or install the client application. Then, generate a login and password for each device and connect to the VPN server. Supporting mobile and desktop devices gives NetOverNet more compatibility than Tunngle. However, if you want to have a good gaming experience, you have to select a premium plan as the free plan is relatively slow.

Wippien is a tool for file sharing, chatting, and gaming with others. As a Tunngle alternative, it works by establishing a p2p virtual network between different computers. Likewise, it works using the WeOnlyDo wodVPN component, one of the most reliable and most secure p2p virtual network hosts. Wippien will then assign a unique IP address to each computer. To make gaming and chatting enjoyable, Wippien comes with predefined skins.

Simply choose one that matches the game you are playing. As a result, not everyone can connect to your network except those that you allow.

Another advantage of Wippien over Tunngle is that the tool is very lightweight. In terms of customer support, Wippien is the best Tunngle alternative. You can reach their support team for help by sending an email about three email addresses are available or by phone. This is an advanced remote access and VPN solution. It was launched in , making it one of the oldest Tunngle alternatives.

Conversely, you can quickly set up a virtual network with it. All you have to do is set up the server and clients. By default, the server is the device where the tool is installed, and then you can connect multiple clients via the communication channel.

NeoRouter supports public and private networks like Tunngle. The network is public by default, and you can create a private network if you want. The networks are very secure thanks to bit SSL encryption and its built in firewalls. To get support with NeoRouter, you can consult the FAQ page, email, telephone, or submit a support ticket.

NeoRouter also has an online community. As mentioned earlier, NeoRouter is an advanced solution; hence, it is not free. You have to purchase licenses with any of the following plans:. Note : These pricing plans are based on one-time payments except for the mesh service plans. Also, you can use the VPN solution for free for 30 days before purchasing a license. ZeroTier was launched to promote decentralized computing.

Interestingly, ZeroTier is an advanced platform, much more advanced than Tunngle. More than 3 million devices are connected using this network, and there are over 1. Currently, the platform records more than k monthly users. You can set up networks to host clients in just minutes, and ZeroTier is flexible as it features bridging, multipath, and multicast.

You can run a public network allowing anyone to access your server without a membership certificate. With ZeroTier, you can connect a wide range of devices, unlike Tunngle. The networks are protected using bit end-to-end encryption. When it comes to customer support, ZeroTier also surpasses Tunngle. The platform features a knowledge base, a user manual, and an online community. The knowledge base is well detailed with every piece of information you would need. If necessary, you can contact the support team directly by sending a contact form.

The tool is free, no payment is required, and it is open source so that you can customize it to your preference. In essence, SoftEther Software Ethernet is a project launched by the University of Tsukuba, Japan; it was developed as academic research. You can play online games with others seamlessly using this VPN solution. Apart from facilitating online gaming experiences thanks to its speed and secure encryption, Radmin VPN is free.