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Aug 16,  · Posted August 12, Sometimes when I load a torrent file of a film, app, whatever, that appears to have many seeds and peers, the utorrent program lists both as 0. At the same time other files on the list which have already been downloaded have many peers and seeds (as I upload). This usually lasts a few hours, and then out of the blue, I begin to see seeds and peers (many) for this file. Mostly old torrent files have 0 leechers and seeders as their owner no longer have possession of those files so they start losing seeders and peers/leechers. And when you download famous torrents like a famous or latest movie like Venom. It’ll be downloaded without and hassle. Because it’s in demand. If there are actually 0 seeds (as in peers with % of all pieces) then it’s still possible. That’s the Definition though, which means there are caveats. A client can be ‘seeding’ and yet not be a ‘seed’.


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Nov 18,  · better? it’s not hard. let’s say your seeds ‘display’ reads: 0/0. it means there are no seeds present. in other words, you’re not getting whatever you’re trying to get until a seed connects. I don’t know how much more obvious I can make this. IF 0/0. THEN no seeds present ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ IF 0/x (where x≠0) THEN seeds present. stop me if I’m going too fast. Sep 05,  · If it’s possible to download successful torrent at seeds 0(0), how could it be done if possible? You can only download what is available. If you look at the peer list in the “Detailed Info” pane, the highest percentage shown there is as far as you can get. All torrent clients suddenly stuck on 0 seeds/0 peers when downloading most torrents. Close. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. This happened on uTorrent and qbitTorrent. I attempted to download a legitimate and legal torrent (Ubuntu) to see if the problem also occurred with legitimate torrents. But, I could download the iso for Ubuntu.

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By dudeboyz , December 3, in Chat. So, I ask the question but the MOD keeps on deleting the thing and not letting anybody actually answer it. If the mod doesn’t want to help – that’s fine – but PLEASE will you let others at least answer the question in a way that I can understand? Ultima : Renamed thread for clarity Was “ARGH! Thank you. This is what I found in the utorrent. Peers displays the number of peers you are connected to, and the number of peers in the swarm in the parentheses.

The number in the swarm is collected from the tracker and other methods of exchanging peers, such as DHT or Peer Exchange. Please bear with me – so on SEEDS , if my display says 0 36 , that means that there are ZERO completed seeds that I am connected to, and 36 “in process” seeds that are not yet completed. If as I was downloading, eventually that number changed to say 15 , that would mean I am connected to and downloading from 15 completed copies of the torrent content and also from “in process” seeds that are not yet completed, correct?

In regards to PEERS , if my display says 38 , it means 38 people are actively downloading “in progress” from my Utorrent feed as I download the torrent, but there are total people that are trying to access that same “in progress” feed, correct? If this is so, for purposes of this discussion assuming a temporary “static” amount of downloaders, as people on that list of 38 drop off, some of those may get the chance to connect directly and become part of the list of 38?

I do realize the numbers will change constantly, but I’m trying to refer to each side left and right of the character left parenthesis to avoid confusion. Reasons people might drop off the left side could be that they close Utorrent and stop downloading, or they finish downloading completely and start seeding, or maybe some how they got bumped off due to some internet glitch or connection quality issue, etc. The number they see may be 3 or 4 or 10 or whatever, and that means that their are either 2 or 3 or 9 others seeding in addition to the 1 I am seeding, correct?

The 36 is the number of completed seeds the tracker saw possibly in the last day, many of those are actually no longer connected or firewalled or already have max connections for that torrent Hm, actually, I might need to update my definition of the Seeds and Peers column a bit For the torrent jobs list, it displays tracker scrape data ONLY IF the torrent is stopped and the option to scrape stopped torrents is enabled.

Peers displays the number of peers you are connected to, and the number of peers in the swarm within the parentheses. If the torrent job is stopped, and bt. Indeed, as Switeck explained, the number in the parentheses is the number of actual seeds seen in the swarm.

Regarding the questions for when you’re seeding The seed count in the parentheses should increase by 1, but the seed count outside the parentheses should drop to 0 seeds don’t need to, shouldn’t need to, and won’t connect to other seeds. Yes, your download should drop to almost 0. And yes, to the last question — you uploaded more than you downloaded, which is good for BitTorrent.

I’ll read through this and try to digest it. If I have any more questions, I will post and ask for clarification. For some reason, the whole thing seems “abstract” to me – kind of ethereal – so I’m having a bit of a hard time grasping it.

But I greatly appreciate the explanations. Thank you for taking the time. Direct connection would be faster, but I can still get the data, it will just bounce around a bit and eventually find its way to my client, is that right? I’m not sure this question would be relevant, depending on the answer. Is it possible for the SEEDS column to have a 0 on the left side the entire time they are downloading? If so, am I only downloading from the seeds in the parenthesis?

If so, how am I able to download? Regarding post Keep in mind that this is still just client communication, nothing more. The number outside the parentheses only increases if, and ONLY if, you actually connect to the peer. There is no “indirect” connection by which you can still receive data “indirectly. Thanks for trying anyway. Inside the parentheses means nothing in terms of who you’re connected to.

It’s just counting how many seeds or peers there are in the swarm. It’s connected versus the potential number of people you can get connected to but aren’t necessarily connected to. As anoxan is showing it, it’s simply a fraction ;o. The connected people are the ONLY people you can possibly transfer data with at any given time. The people you’re not connected to, you’d have to connect to them first before you can possibly transfer data with them.

Ok – is it possible to get downloads if the value on the left is at ZERO, as in 0 I really appreciate your patience. I’m mad at my stupid brain for pulling a Homer Simpson. Being able to download isn’t entirely a simple matter of how many people you’re connected to — the dynamics of it all is more complex than that. So if I load a torrent and it always reads 0 number , where number is the only value that changes, I will not be able to download that torrent, correct?

If all the seeds left on a huge torrent but enough people had different parts of it then availability might still be over 1 and you could still in theory complete the torrent. However if someone with a KEY piece that nobody else has leaves, then everyone else cannot complete the torrent till someone else restarts that torrent that has that missing key piece.

I mean, logically, you’d think “Hey, if the thing is Zero, I can’t get it, if it is above Zero, I’m golden” but it don’t sound like that works. It’s like that I before E thing – except after C and oh yeah, some other sound like weigh and other exceptions Oh my. I have searched Google like crazy, and it seems like there are conflicting explanations on what they actually mean in comparision to what is displayed. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to ask HERE – cause I only use Utorrent and I figured, who better to truly explain what they mean than the guys who wrote the thing in the first place?

From the search, it looks like I’m not the only one, recently or not, to ask this question. It would be SOOOO cool if there was an effort to write a fully comprehensive explanation in laymans terms and put that right up there on the FAQ page or something.

Thanks for taking the time. I need to go read up on SuperSeeding and turn on that darn Availability column in Utorrent I know this is an old thread but it really is a common question that only just clicked in my mind today and I wanted to share my view of things in case it helps others. This is how I think of things:. Since this is not an ideal world and the numbers are updated infrequently you can safely ignore these.

You are currently connected to them and downloading. You are also connected to them and either downloading from or uploading to them. When seeding, it is the number of people that don’t have the file that are getting it from you.

I know this is an old topic but it seems I may be as dense as dudeboyz because I’m confused also. One particular connection of 3. I’d appreciate someone enlightening this old dude as I am not too savvy when it comes to computers but I am willing to learn. That doesn’t mean you can’t download from peers that don’t have the complete data set. Availability means that This is a great thread if only because it illustrates just how difficult it can be for folks to explain something technical in a bulletin board.

I came here seeking the same answer as dudeboy but as I read this thread there was something that kept driving me nuts. So I figured I’d register just so I could add my 2 cents. When a peer is connected, he downloads the pieces he does not have and uploads the pieces he does have. You are a peer if you do not have a complete copy of the file you’re trying to get.

Seed: A Seed is someone who already has the complete file but is still sharing. If there are no Seeds, the only way to get a complete file is if all the pieces of the file can be found amongst the peers that are connected. In most cases, when there is no Seed, you probably won’t get the whole file. Note that the term leech used to be common in bulletin boards and usenet groups. We used it to describe someone who downloads things but never uploads.

With torrents, as soon as you get your first piece, you’re sharing. So we call everyone a peer. Of course, I still use leech when I talk about about people who never Seed a file. As a rule of thumb, you should always try to Seed a torrent before for at least 1 full copy. You can see this in the Ratio column. Tracker: The tracker is a server that has all the info about the people that are down- and uploading the file. The tracker itself does not have a copy of the file, it only tracks the people who have the file seeds and the people who have part of the file peers.

Torrents can be tied to a specific tracker, but most clients now support trackerless torrents, making it less likely that you will be hurt if you can’t find the original tracker. Scrape: When your BitTorrent client asks for info from the “tracker”, we call this scraping. The data you get from scraping tells you how many Seeds and Peers there are for each torrent.

This is not limited to just the active Seeds and Peers. It could also include Seeds and Peers that are not currently connected. Swarm: Together, all the Seeds and Peers who are using the same torrent on the same tracker with you. For example, six Peers and two Seeds on the same tracker make a swarm of eight. So your Swarm is NOT the users you are connected to.